Abraham's Vision


A Typical Group Process Day...

11:00 AM--Icebreaker: Group process typically begins with an ice-breaker exercise, which allows the students to get more comfortable with one another before starting a long day of discussion and introspection.

12:00 PM--Lunch Break: After getting more comfortable and starting the day's discussion, the UP participants break for lunch, always consisting of a vegetarian meal that accommodates diverse dietary needs, such as those who observe kashrut and halal.

12:30 PM--Uni-Communal Breakout Session: Students participate in their first group process of the day in individual community-based groups; Jewish students meet in one room with the Jewish Facilitators while Muslim students meet in another to discuss inter-communal relations with the Muslim Facilitators. Facilitators work with participants to encourage deep discussion of Jewish and Muslim cultural, ethnic, national, and religious identities..

1:30 PM--Group Process One: After time in a uni-communal breakout session, participants gather together in a bi-communal setting to officially begin the “group process.” Muslim and Jewish Facilitators work to create an 'organic' environment where participants drive the discussion. Topics range from issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to race and gender identities.

4:30 PM--Wrap-up/Follow-up: At the end of the day's activities, the UP Facilitators use the last half hour to tie together the topics discussed throughout the day.

Other Photos:

Muslim participants discuss the 9/11 attacks and its impact on Muslim Americans.

Co-Facilitator Oren Kroll-Zeldin listens intently as Jewish students discuss the implications of military service and its connection to American identity.