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Course Summary

The Unity Program is a course designed to educate high school students about Muslims, Jews, Islam, and Judaism while strengthening the relationships students have to their own communities and religious traditions. We examine issues within North American Jewish and Muslim communities, the historical relationship between Muslims and Jews, and the relationship between Judaism and Islam. Each of these components deepens students' understandings of their individual and group identities in the contemporary world as well as the textual, ideological, and historical relationship between and within each community.

This course derives its name from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who writes in his epic treatise, Why We Can’t Wait, “unity has never meant uniformity”. Whereas uniformity describes something unvaried and monolithic, unity portrays a pluralism of opinion and expression within a collective that shares a singleness of purpose. The Abraham’s Vision Unity Program is aimed at developing both Jewish and Muslim identities while drawing from the similar religious purposes of these two communities, teaching students the vital imperative to learn with and from the ‘other.’

The four major components of the Unity Program are:

(1) Teacher-led classes on issues related to Jewish-Muslim relations, Islam, and Judaism.

(2) Presentations by Muslim and Jewish guest speakers.

(3) Inter-school field trips to sites of cultural, historical, and/or religious significance.

4) Inter-school meetings in which train facilitators lead students in group dynamics sessions.

The Unity Program utilizes these methods to create an environment where students learn with and from the ‘other.’



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The Unity Program: Jewish and Muslim Students Speak About Their Experiences