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2010 News


J., Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
December 23, 2010
"Musicians to jam together, transcend political differences"

The Jewish Week
September 21, 2010
"Jewish-Muslim Pairings Facing Toughest Test"

J., Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
May 27, 2010
"Graduation set for 'Unity' students"

May 2010
"Peacemakers in Action Nominees: The Top Ten"

The State Hornet
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
"Fellowship gives new perspective"

J., Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
April 29, 2010
"Passionate debate but no accord on chances for peace"

J., Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
February 11, 2010
"We can all get along"

Pakistan Link
February 2010
"Unity Jam Features Salman Ahmad and Abraham’s Vision"


2009 News

The San Francisco Examiner
December 30, 2009
"Huda Abu Arquob is the Co-Executive Director of Abraham’s Vision"

PresenTense Magazine
June, 2009
"Outside the Bubble: Integration in Education"

J., The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
June 11, 2009
"Unity Program’s first local grads break down walls of Muslim-Jewish relations" This article was also published by the JTA's blog, The Telegraph.

Mideast Youth
April 1, 2009
"Dreamers and Believers"

Daily Nexus, Santa Barbara
April 3, 2009
"Outreach Program Begins Application Process"

New Voices
March 2, 2009
"Reconsidering Jewish Studies: New USF Program Mixes Academics with Activism"


2008 News

NJ Jewish News
October 30, 2008
"Schechter Joins yearlong Jewish/Muslim Dialogue ‘Unity Program' Aims for Students to be ‘Catalysts for Change’"

USF News
October 14, 2008
"Jews, Palestinians See Conflict Through Balkans Lens"

J., The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
October 3, 2008
"Finding Common Ground: Jewish, Palestinian Students Return from Balkans with Better Understanding of Peace, Conflict"

The Forward
September 18, 2008
"Jesuit University Offers Jewish Social Justice Course"

The Jerusalem Post
September 16, 2008
"At Jesuit University, a Unique Course in Jewish Social Justice"

J., The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
September 12, 2008
"USF Now Offers a Minor in Jewish Studies and Social Justice"

The New Jersey Jewish Standard
August 2008
"An Expanded Mind and Open Heart"

Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education
April 2008
"Creating Unity: Exploring Interfaith Dialogue"


2007 News


The American Muslim
December 2, 2007
"Abraham's Vision Produces Student made Unity Program Documentary"

USF Magazine
Fall 2007
"Interview: Interfaith Activism"

University of San Francisco News
October 19, 2007
"Founder of Conflict Resolution Group Joins Faculty"

The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California
October 11, 2007
"USF gets new Judaic studies chair"

The American Muslim
June 30, 2007
"Conflict Transformation Fellowship Program for Jewish and Palestinian University students"

The Daily Princetonian
April 26, 2007
"The Art of Open Dialogue"


2006 News


January 25, 2007
"Lecture Hopping: Balkan Summer"

December 16, 2006
"Can't I All Just Get Along"

The Current
Fall 2006
"Singing in Belgrade"

The Current
Fall 2006
"Swimming to Croatia"

The Current
Fall 2006
"Bearing Witness in Srebrenica"

New York Daily News
November 21, 2006
"Committing to Real Commitment"

Daily Sundial
November 21, 2006
"Groups Come Together"

The Malibu Times
November 2, 2006
"Muslim Mystique Explored"

The Jewish Week
August 25, 2006
"Tolerance 101"

The Forward
August 11, 2006
"High School Seniors Open Interfaith Dialogue"

The Jerusalem Times
August 10, 2006
"Jews, Palestinians Seek Conflict Answers in Bosnia"

Bosnia Daily
August 8, 2006
"Jews, Palestinians Seek Conflict Answers in Sarajevo and Bosnia "

August 7, 2006
"Jews, Palestinians seek conflict answers in Bosnia"

Letter to the Editor
July 12, 2006
"Common Misconceptions"

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles
July 7, 2006
"Angelenos Help Abraham's Vision Come True"

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)
June 27, 2006
"U.S. Jewish-Palestinian student group aims for understanding via trip abroad" Among other media outlets, this article was also published in the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix, and the Washington Jewish Week.

Al-Huda News
May 18, 2006
"Al-Iman School Hosts Interfaith Dialogue and Photo Exhibition"

Washington Square News
March 21, 2006
"Young Muslim Chaplain Bridges Gaps"


2005 News


Al-Huda News
December 6, 2005
"Another Encounter with the Ahlul Kitab (People of the Book: Jews)"

Al Huda-News
December 3, 2005
"Interfaith- A Visit from Elizabeth"

Al Huda-News
November 23, 2005
"The Search for Common Ground in the Dialogue With the Ahlul Kitab"

Al Huda-News
November 11, 2005
"The Joyous Eid- Ul- Fitr Celebration at Al-Iman School"