Abraham's Vision


Your donations help us bring our programs to students and communities in need. All donations are welcome and all are fully tax deductible. Only with the help of people like you will we be able to continue to see improvements in the way the Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, and Palestinian communities interact with one another, and in so doing, move us all closer and closer to peace.

A contribution of:
$6,500 Fully supports a student to participate in the ten-month Vision Program (VP) fellowship.
$1,200 Fully supports a student to participate in the ten-month Unity Program (UP) fellowship.


Sponsors the participation of a Palestinian and a Jewish VP student in a follow-up conference.
$375 Sponsors a UP fieldtrip to a cultural or religious site for one UP school (i.e., ten students).
$300 Supports 30 hours (i.e., ten meetings) of inter-school meetings for one UP student.
$300 Sponsors one student's travel to run a workshop on behalf of Abraham’s Vision.
$50 Pays for one set of teacher and student workbooks.


1. Make a donation online through Donate

2. You can also send personal checks to our office, made payable to Abraham's Vision, using the following mailing address:

Abraham's Vision
270 Chestnut Street, Suite 202
Redwood City, CA 94063



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Thank you for your support!!!